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What is the Active Forums Tapatalk Module for DotNetNuke?

An add-on module for Active Forums 5.0 which adds support for the Tapatalk API. Tapatalk is a popular app for viewing online forums on mobile devices.

Note: Tapatalk is a free service for forum administrators. There are no costs associated with having your forum accessible via the Tapatalk client. The Official tapatalk clients used to access forums are available in the various app stores and range in price from $0.99 to $4.99 for the "HD" tablet version. There is also an unofficial Tapatalk client available for Windows phone, but it has not been tested with this module.


We've Moved!

The latest version of the Active Forums Tapatalk Module and its source code can now be downloaded from our repository hosted at GitHub.

  • Install and source packages can be downloaded from the releases page.
  • Feature requests, bug reports and general questions can be submitted via the issues page.

Note:  The latest install packages will still be mirrored here on CodePlex.  However, the source code repository here is no longer maintained.   For the latest version of the Active Forums source code, please visit the releases page, or fork the project to your own GitHub repository and start contributing today!




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